Friday, June 20, 2008


Man people are fun to watch. Seriously if you never done it do it! Esp. when you have your kids around. It's funny to see how people react to certain thing. By no means am I perfect.

Things that make me laugh and shake my head...

1. People who go to Diary Queen and get Ice Cream and sit in their car while they eat it.
2. People who go to the zoo and order tons of junk food and soda for themselves and kids. But yet bitch about having to pay $2.00 a person for a train ride. Dude your soda cost more then the train!
3. People who go thur Drive Thur at McDonalds then park their car and go inside to sit down. What is that all about?
4. People who complain about being not able to complete their job but yet have time to go around and poke their nose in other people job. And then tell them how to do the job.
5. People who pay for food with food stamps and what not but yet have $100's wads in their hands to buy booze?
6. People at the park. Those who leave their kids while they go sit under a tree to read. Their kid is 3....
7. People who complain that a kids hair cut cost $10.00 and in return they go and spend $55 for just a cut for themselves.
8. My fav is people who drive crazy and cut you off then in the end they are the ones who get stuck in traffic 4 cars behind you. Then they turn into a crazy person!
9. At the pool, people who tell you that you need to put sunscreen on your kid because they could get cancer. However this person is coated in sun oil and asking for cancer herself.
10. My fav, people looking at you because you gave your kid a sip of pop (a SIP in order to prevent a breakdown #100 for the day). You would have thought I give them drugs.


Beth said...

You crack me up! I watch people when I'm at work at Cache, the pool, and just out in general. It's so funny!!

Marissa said...

I love #9 & 10 the best!

I had #9 happen to me and I told the woman to get bent and mind her own damn business. oops!


Ellisa said...

Ha! Good list!